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Sound consoles: Analog and digital consoles, general mixers and audio consoles. 
Speakers: self-powered, general speakers, monitors, subwoofers, line-array. 

Microphones: Wired, wireless, handheld, lavaliere, head worn, dynamic, general instrument, hanging microphones, floor microphones shotgun, and general condenser microphones.

Amplifiers: Microphone preamps, voice processors, power amplifiers, distribution amps, and line amps.

Processors: Speaker process controllers, effects, reverbs, delays, crossovers, equalizers and filters, compressors and dynamic processors.

CD Players/Recorders: CD and DVD recorders, CD and MP3 players and digital music controllers, cassette recorders, digital audio recorders, CD and DVD duplicators.

Digital Audio Hardware: Pro tools HD DAW, digital audio converters, pro tools LE/M powered systems.

Software: Audio production and notation software, mastering and CD, DVD analog software, audio effects and processing plug-ins, sampling software, video and photo production software, virtual instrument software, DJ software.

Headphones: In ear monitors, wireless in ear systems, headphone amps and mixers, intercoms wired, wireless and two way radios.

Stands and Accessories: Microphone stands, boom arms, speaker stands and mounts, microphone stand accessories and windscreens.
Cameras and Camcorders: Digital still cameras and camcorders, video cameras, wireless audio for video, teleprompters, document cameras, closed circuit and security cameras. 

Video Recorders: DVD players and recorders, video HDD, optical disc and memory cards, time lapse security recorders, video tape players and recorders.

Video Projection and displays: Projectors video and data, video monitors and displays (LCD, plasma, and CRT), video display mounts and accessories, projection mounts, screens.
Lighting Consoles: Digital consoles, pc interface lighting control and much more. 

Theatrical and Conventional lighting: Par cans, Fresnel, Source Four, ellipsoidal, follow spot, intelligent lighting. Strip lighting, cyc lighting, LED lights.

Studio and location lighting: Multi function multipurpose on camera lighting, professional handheld camera fill lights, pro light, I-light, Omni-light.
Dimming: modular dimmer racks, architectural interface, portable dimming racks and wireless DMX wireless control.

Truss, Rigging and Lighting Stands: Square truss, triangular truss, truss clamps and accessories, truss stands and lifts, crank lifts, hoists, lighting trees, lighting stands.  
Adapters: Microphone and audio adapters, video adapters and speaker adapters.

Pre-Made Cables: Microphone cables, live snake, studio cables, studio snakes, and digital audio cables, speaker cables, patch panel cables, video cables, computer and multimedia cables, DMX cables and AC cables.

Bulk and Custom make Cables: All cables and snakes can be custom make to your specifications and length request. 

Network Digital Audio Systems and Digital Snakes: Digital network systems and digital snake systems to your specifications.

Connectors: Any configuration and type of connectors are available. 
Fixture Accessories: Bulbs all types and sizes, C-clamps, safety cables, gels, gel frames, gobos (standard and custom made), gobo holders, drop in iris, donut, gel extender, top hat, half hat.

Theatrical Fluids: All brands and types of fog and haze fluids (oil and water base), bubble fluid and much more.

Theatrical Tapes: Cable path (black and black and yellow combined), gaffers (assorted colors), cloth-spike tape, console tape, glow tape (assorted colors). 

Scenic Supplies: Paints all colors and brands available, hinges, screws, nails, hardware, wheels and casters and much more. 

Acoustic Treatments and Materials: Acoustic panels, diffusers, studio wedge foam, studio foam pyramids, bass traps, acoustic baffles and drum shields, acoustical sealant, fiber sound insulation isolation risers and much more.
 Portable Cases, Bags and Carts: Keyboard cases and covers, mixer cases and bags, soft bags and hard side cases, touring cases, amp and equipment racks, racks with pull out handles and wheels, We carry all major brands and sizes.

AV Furniture and Racks: Roll top audio desks, modular rack systems, studio racks, mobile projection and notebook carts, AV and video carts.
From keyboards to drums, from guitars to horns and everything in between we can offer you the best price on all major brands. We also offer hardware supplies, and accessories for your instruments. 
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Video Equipment
Lighting Equipment
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